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apipipesWe can help supply all of the API 5L  Pipe or linepipe supplies that your company needs for use in the oil or natural gas industries. API 5L Line Pipe Specifications for these pipes regulate usage for stand.ard Grade A and. Grade B pipes, with Grade X indicating stronger variants for drilling, production and. transport requirements for offshore, arctic, deep well or harsher environments.

All products are industry-stand.ard conforming to or exceeding API, ASTM, ASME, ANSI and. other national and. international stand.ards.

API X Grades – some of the sturdiest pipes and. tubing available designed for extreme environments or exceedingly high pressure environments

API 5L X52 Industry Specifications Chemical Composition Yield Strength
min. (KSI)
Tensile Strength
min. (KSI)
Yield to Tensile
Ratio (max)
ASTM A105, A106, A234, A333, A350, A420, A694,A860 C 0.17
Si 0.45
Mn 1.75
P 0.020
S 0.010
V 0.10
Nb 0.05
Ti 0.06
70 82 0.93 17
API 5L Pipe

  • API 5L GR.B Pipe
  • API 5L X 42 Pipe
  • API 5L X 46 Pipe
  • API 5L X 52 Pipe
  • API 5L X 56 Pipe
  • API 5L X 60 Pipe
  • API 5L X 65 Pipe
  • API 5L X 70 Pipe
  • API 5L X 80 Pipe
  • API 5L GR.B PSL 2
  • API 5L X42 PSL 2
  • API 5L X46 PSL 2
  • API 5L X52 PSL 2
  • API 5L X56 PSL 2
  • API 5L X60 PSL 2
  • API 5L X65 PSL 2
  • API 5L X70 PSL 2
  • API 5L X 80 PSL 2
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